The Knowledge and Data Integration Centre for Health (Cidacs, in Portuguese), as part of Fiocruz, offers services, physical and human resources in integration with interdisciplinary scientific projects developed by multidisciplinary teams in the areas of epidemiology, statistics, bioinformatics, and computing, among other specialties. Its mission is to carry out studies and research, develop new investigative methodologies and promote professional and scientific training, based on interdisciplinary projects, based on the integration of large data bases (“big data”). With the help of available knowledge and high-performance computing resources inserted in a safe environment, CIDACS with its action will contribute to the production of innovative knowledge in order to broaden the understanding of the population’s health problems, as well as to support decision-making in public policies for the benefit of society.

Currently, research on Cidacs use, mainly, linkage on government databases to generate new knowledge through the use of linkage algorithms developed by Cidacs’ team and other techniques such as data mining and machine learning, producing new information on health science.

Data received by the center are received, stored and preserved on basis of Digital Curation procedures. The center follows rigid ethic preceipts, norms and procedures to guarantee the secrecy of the individual data.

The data is processed in a high-performance computational environment, formed by Omolu supercomputer and other clusters located at Senai-Cimatec. Data abriged on Omolu are acessed through a monitored environment, without Internet access, with security protocols and restricted access control

Datasets produced on Cidacs are currently made available only to research projects associated to our research platforms or in colaboration with Cidacs.

Cidac's research platforms