Pathogen and benefit-sharing: Where next in the Global Governance Outbreaks?



What lessons should researchers learn from the Zika outbreak?




Projeto "Movimentos Sociais Femininos e a Resposta à Síndrome do Zika Vírus", uma parceria entre Fundação João Pinheiro (FJP), Instituto René Rachou (Fiocruz Minas) e University of York (Reino Unido).




Global Health Histories Seminar 111: Zika

Speakers: Nísia Lima (Fiocruz), João Nunes (University of York), & Gustavo Matta (Fiocruz)






New Zika Cases in Brazil Overshadowed by Covid-19

579 Cases in 3 Months Show Need for Reproductive Rights, Sanitation

Ximena Casas Researcher, Women's Rights Division As Covid-19 dominates headlines, the Zika virus silently continues to put women and children at grave risk in Brazil, and the country has not taken nearly enough steps to combat the mosquito-borne disease or ... Read more