Pathogen and benefit-sharing: Where next in the Global Governance Outbreaks?



What lessons should researchers learn from the Zika outbreak?




Projeto "Movimentos Sociais Femininos e a Resposta à Síndrome do Zika Vírus", uma parceria entre Fundação João Pinheiro (FJP), Instituto René Rachou (Fiocruz Minas) e University of York (Reino Unido).




Global Health Histories Seminar 111: Zika

Speakers: Nísia Lima (Fiocruz), João Nunes (University of York), & Gustavo Matta (Fiocruz)






Get to know how the Zika virus is affecting people´s lives in Brazil

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O Coordenador da Rede Zika de Ciências Sociais, Gustavo Matta, a pesquisadora Denise Pimenta, do Instituto René Rachou (Fiocruz Minas) e a pesquisadora Adriana Melo do IPESQ falaram sobre a epidemia de Zika 5 anos depois. Assista!  


O Boletim Ciência do dia 24/3/2021, do Canal Saúde, conversou com a pesquisadora Lenir do Nascimento sobre a Exposição Zika Vidas que Afetam. Confira! 


Study suggests persistent infection by zika virus in the placenta

Researchers observed that the virus causes a persistent infection in the organ, leading to inflammation, vascular dysfunction, and severe tissue damage.

18/12/2020 Maíra Menezes (IOC/Fiocruz) Most times a pregnant woman goes through a viral infection, such as a common cold, the baby remains protected in the womb. This protection is provided by the placenta, the organ that connects mother and baby ... Read more

New Zika Cases in Brazil Overshadowed by Covid-19

579 Cases in 3 Months Show Need for Reproductive Rights, Sanitation

Ximena Casas Researcher, Women's Rights Division As Covid-19 dominates headlines, the Zika virus silently continues to put women and children at grave risk in Brazil, and the country has not taken nearly enough steps to combat the mosquito-borne disease or ... Read more