Fiocruz takes part on WHO event on new coronavirus

Julia Dias (AFN)

Fiocruz takes part on a meeting of hundreds of scientists from all over the world at the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO), in Geneva, on February 11 and 12, to discuss how research can be used to intensify ... Read more

Fiocruz inaugurates a laboratory in Antarctica

Pamela Lang (AFN)

With the launch of the new Comandante Ferraz Antarctica Station on January 15, Fiocruz now relies on a permanent laboratory in the continent. Fiolab will be a biosafety laboratory prepared to respond to Brazil’s needs regarding epidemiological and public health ... Read more





Open and collaborative review of scientific articles: are we ready for the next step?

Whether performed by one person alone or by many people, the readers of the resulting scientific article would never know about what had actually happened during the critical review of the manuscript, which sometimes ends in closed negotiations among editors, reviewers and authors. This closed feature of scientific peer reviewing has endured for at least 300 years. Is now the time to change this practice? We think so! 

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